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Secondary Membership

REALTORS® and REALTOR® affiliation workers often have questions on secondary membership. Equally, it isn’t unusual for MLS directors to query whether or not they can require secondary membership as a prerequisite to granting somebody MLS entry. This information helps clarify secondary membership, its roots in coverage, and the applying of the coverage to frequent eventualities that associations and MLSs encounter. 

Definition of Secondary Membership

Secondary membership describes REALTORS® who maintain membership in an affiliation apart from their major affiliation. The one distinction between major membership and secondary membership is that the dues collected within the member’s major affiliation embrace the NAR portion of dues.

Supply of Secondary Membership Insurance policies – Board of Selection 

Secondary membership, adopted in 1996, derives from NAR’s Board of Selection Coverage and is sourced to a number of paragraphs in NAR’s Statements of Membership Coverage Associated to Implementation of Board of Selection.

In a nutshell, “Board of Selection” permits REALTORS® to decide on the board to which they need to belong on the idea of things they resolve are most essential reasonably than being restricted by workplace location or jurisdictional boundaries. On the similar time, companies of different boards can be found with out the need of holding membership in these boards. 

The next excerpt from a kind of Statements clarifies that the phrases, situations and privileges to be afforded these holding secondary membership are to be the identical as these holding major membership.

Membership shall be accessible in a secondary board on phrases and situations no extra stringent than the necessities established within the board’s Bylaws for REALTOR® and (REALTOR-ASSOCIATE® the place relevant) membership. The privileges of membership shall be the identical together with the appropriate to vote and maintain workplace. Membership will likely be granted to people who maintain REALTOR® or REALTOR-ASSOCIATE® membership of their major board with none requirement that the designated REALTOR® they’re licensed or affiliated with maintain membership within the secondary board. Nevertheless, MLS companies will solely be accessible if the designated REALTOR® participates within the MLS. Board dues shall not embrace a nationwide allocation since NAR dues have been paid by means of the member’s major board. A state allocation could solely be included if the member’s major board is situated in a special state.

There are variations, nevertheless, within the utility of this coverage for major membership relying upon whether or not the individual is a principal of the agency or not.

  • With regards to selecting an affiliation, Board of Selection permits principals of a agency to decide on any affiliation within the state or a state contiguous to affix as their major affiliation. Principal is outlined within the Membership Coverage Statements.
  • Non-principals affiliated with the agency can select any affiliation as major the place one of many agency’s principals holds membership (both major or secondary).

Every native affiliation can have of their bylaws the next provision that derives from the above quoted Board of Selection coverage.

Main and Secondary REALTOR® Members

A person is a major member if the affiliation pays state and Nationwide dues primarily based on such member.  A person is a secondary member if state and Nationwide dues are remitted by means of one other affiliation.  One of many principals in an actual property agency have to be a delegated REALTOR® member of the affiliation to ensure that licensees affiliated with the agency to pick out the affiliation as their “major” affiliation.

Utility of secondary membership after major membership has been established:

  • Secondary membership could also be held in a neighborhood affiliation in one other state (offered the applicant meets all the {qualifications} for membership) with out holding membership in that state affiliation, or alternatively, secondary membership could also be held immediately within the state affiliation with out holding membership in a neighborhood affiliation in that state. (See Membership Coverage Statements)
  • An MLS could not require REALTORS® to affix their native affiliation as a secondary member as a prerequisite to getting access to their MLS.
  • When a Designated REALTOR® joins an affiliation as a secondary member, licensees affiliated with that DR is probably not compelled to additionally be part of as a secondary member.
  • Licensees that have already got a major affiliation could be part of every other affiliation as a secondary member with out the Designated REALTOR® having to carry membership.
  • Licensees could select to make their major affiliation in any affiliation the place a principal within the agency holds REALTOR® membership. For instance, if the principal of a agency holds major membership in affiliation A and secondary membership in affiliation B – the licensees can select major membership in affiliation A OR affiliation B.
  • When a member has joined a major affiliation and paid native, state, and nationwide dues, secondary membership could also be held in a neighborhood affiliation in one other state (offered the applicant meets all the {qualifications} for membership) with out holding membership in nor paying dues to that state affiliation.
    • NOTE: “Secondary membership” refers to a ‘second’ or extra membership that stems from a person’s first actual property license hung with the primary agency. If a person holds two licenses hung with two totally different companies, state affiliation dues can be owed with respect to the second license/agency as effectively.

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